About us

Who are we and what we stand for?

Why do we exist?

At PCKT Money, we envision a world where financial empowerment is accessible to all. We strive to be the cornerstone of speed, agility, and a hands-down attitude, enabling financial companies to provide top-notch financial solutions to their end-users. We extend Mastercard credit card services to money lenders and online-wallet providers.

What do we do?

PCKT Money is a company that helps businesses, especially those involved in money transfers and loan services, to extend their services to Mastercard credit cards. We provide a comprehensive solution, including Mastercard-license, payment systems, financial licenses, and software development services for enhancing their customers' digital services. This allows end-users to enjoy the freedom and privileges of Mastercard, enabling them to lead better lives and handle money more securely.

Meet the team

Darshana Awasthi
International Sales Representative
Taneli Saari
Business Development Director
Perttu Rytsölä
Head Of Card Programs
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